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School Paste

When getting supplies for the beginning of a school year, we had to get a jar of paste.  People said that if you ran out during the year, you could make paste with flour and water.  Mom found this more sophisticated recipe for making paste that was probably better than the vague description of “flour and water”.  After all, how much of each did you need? I don’t ever remember making paste, but at least Mom had a recipe to guide us on how to do it if the need came up!  I’m not really sure where this clipping came from, but it looks like some of Hope Needham’s columns.

Here is a good recipe for school paste that I got from a school teacher. Mix 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar and 2 teaspoons powdered alum together and add half pint of cold water.  Stir this until smooth and add a quart of boiling water, stirring thoroughly.  Add 3 drops of oil of cloves and cook until clear.  Do not allow to freeze.  It makes a big batch so most folks will probably want to make half the recipe.


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  1. I’ve been thinking about Hope Needham. I’m thinking she had a column in
    THE DAILY DROVERS TELEGRAM…wasn’t that the name of our daily newspaper?

    • That’s the name I was looking for. I googled “Drovers Telegram Hope Needham” and one thing came up. Page 805 of the “International motion picture almanac” has a listing of names. It shows “Kansas City (MO) Daily Drovers Telegram, Miss Hope Needham”….so, you get the prize for solving my mystery!


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