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Refrigerator Ice Cream

I remember Mom making ice cream in the ice cube trays.  We had a Frigidaire refrigerator that had to be defrosted.  It had two trays that were two cubes wide and about 10 cubes in length and an additional double wide tray.  The depth of these were more than an inch.  The dividers were also metal with a lever to pull up to release the cubes.  If you didn’t take the time to let the tray melt a bit, your ice cubes were likely to crack and look somewhat like crushed ice.  Mom made ice cream in one of those trays.  We all loved ice cream and we had plenty of cream from our cows.  This was a good way to use up some of the cream.  Since the contributor begins with “Dear Household Friends” this clipping likely came from Hope Needham’s column in the Drover Telegram.

Refrigerator Ice Cream

Dear Household Friends:
I have a recipe to add to those for a very good ice cream that can be made in the refrigerator.

Vanilla Ice Cream
5 cups milk
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon cornstarch
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups rich cream

Scald 4 1/2 cups of milk in double boiler. Combine sugar, cornstarch and salt with the other half-cup and add to the scalded milk.  Cook till thickened.l  beat the eggs and add, and cook two or three minutes more, stirring constantly.  Chill.

Whip the cream stiff and add it and the vanilla to the rest.  Pour into three refrigerator trays.  When partially frozen, beat up again.

It’s a very good basic recipe.  To make chocolate ice cream, add a package of chocolate instant pudding before the whipped cream.  For maple, use brown sugar and maple flavor.  Lots of other varieties can be made be making similar changes.

We live on a farm and have one cow for our own use, so we have lots of cream and milk.  I’d like to see some sour cream recipes in the column, especially one for cake.  My mother used to make cakes with sour cream when I was small, and they had such a good flavor.

I still make wood fibre corsages and satin waffle-weave pillows.  Anybody interested in such exchanges?  I make the corsages in two sizes, in rose, carnation, violet, sweet pea, primrose, orchid and apple blossoms.

The memory gems are especially nice.  Best of luck to all of you.

Mrs. John Darr, Arlington, Iowa

I find Mrs. Darr’s mention of wood fibre corsages intriguing, me being a crafter as well.  But I did a search for wood fiber corsages and found one for sale on Etsy, but a “how-to” article from a 1936 issue of Popular Mechanics is out there, too.  In a 1952 issue there was a classified ad from a company that offered, among other craft kits, a kit for wood fibre corsages.  Who knew?

I suspect the satin waffle-weave pillows might be smocking of some sort…..done that! But my search on that topic only reveals waffle weave fabrics, so maybe that’s what she means.


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