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I remember Mom ordering the Krumkake iron and her saying that these were New Years cookies.  We made lots of them and didn’t use any filling in them.  Many years later, I ordered a Krumkake iron for myself.  Eventually I  think I gave it to Sister Betty.  You use the Krumkake iron on a burner on your stove top.  Mom always had a gas stove and you could quickly adjust the flame and temperature.  I’ve always had an electric stove, so adjusting the temperature took a while longer.  We usually dusted the delicate krumkake rolls with powdered sugar. On another occasion I filled them with sweetened whip cream having sliced strawberries mixed in.  In the end, I rather enjoyed a plain krumkake that shattered and crumbled when you took your first bite.  Yum.

This recipe looks like Betty’s handwriting.  You have to understand that Mom pronounced “Krumkake” in such a way that the last “e” was another syllable.  I’m sure that to Betty it sounded like “Krumkaker”.  

It’s kind of like when Dad talked about a local fellow in town that he called “Yunk Harper”.  (Lot’s of people in our home town had nicknames, like “Toad”, “Goober”, stuff like that.)  Years later, after I was married, my husband was saying something about “Junk Harper”…… it made sense what Dad was saying.


3 eggs
1 c. sugar
1 c. melted butter
2 Tblsp. Cream
1 tsp. vanilla
2 c. flour

Beat eggs until very light; add sugar.  Add melted butter, then the cream and vanilla.  Mix thoroughly; chill.  Place 2 level tsp of batter in the center of a hot krumkake iron and bake until golden brown.  Remove from iron with a spatula and immediately roll into cone shapes on a krumkake stick or clean dry carrot.  Gently slip off stick.




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