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German Handwriting

I saw a newspaper article today written by a local writer about schools questioning the usefulness of cursive writing. With the availability of computers today, does it make any sense to teach cursive writing?  The advantage of cursive writing, in the past, was that it was much faster than printing and was more useful when trying to record anything.  Well, I grew up with a mother whose handwriting was in the German tradition and I had a hard time reading it.  When I went away to college Mom wrote me letters, usually the front and back of a tablet page, but it was difficult to read it.  Usually I got the drift of what she meant from context, but German handwriting is “pointy”, not round like American handwriting.  I don’t think my Dad ever ventured much further than writing his signature, although I’m sure he was able to read the American newspaper and such.  My Mom was an avid reader, so she had many books around.  Dad, not so much.  

Well, here is an exercise for anyone out there to help me with.  The cookbook has a section that is devoted to making a good Torte.  Undoubtedly those were from my Uncle Aloys, the baker.  The scans attached to this blogpost appear before that Torte section.  I’m tempted to think that these are menus of some sort, but I am willing to consider anyone else’s opinions about what they say.  If you have an idea, please post what you think as a comment.


























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