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Gift Verses

I think I would file this clipping under “How To Be Nice”.  I think Mom thought these might be nice to do some time, or maybe might be nice to share them with the women at Sunflower Club.  I can’t imagine Mom  actually writing a note like this with a gift because her handwriting was German Script, very much like the blog posts I’ve had of recipes written in German Handwriting.  Not many Americans could probably read it.  The clip ends with some hints on crafty projects.  This clipping is also neat because we have a picture of our friend Hope Needham.

Gift Verses

Dear Hope:  In my scrapbook I came across some old clippings giving verses for gifts.  I think a message like these written on gift-enclosure cards are a little more heart-warming than commercial cards.  Maybe some of you would like to add these verses to the ones that have been printed lately. — Mollie K. from Wisconsin

Verse With Pair Pillow Cases

When night time comes and you go to bed,
On these pillow slips lay your weary head.
May dreamless sleep then come to you
And morning find you good as new.

With a Handkerchief

Perchance if you should have a cold.
Oh, do not use your sleeves!
For her’s a hankie right at hand
In case you cough or sneeze.

With a Lunch Cloth

As you lay your table for lunch,
Please use this cloth of cheer,
And think of me as a loyal friend
To whom you’re very dear.

With Plant or Flowers

Like a plant from the tropics
With its brilliant hue
The gay flower comes from me to you.
It carries a message of changeless worth
That Christ was sent to all the earth.
To him there is no east no west
But all are loved and all are blest.

With Socks, Hose or Bedroom Slippers

My gift is very sensible
When taken as a whole,
For though it’s small it”s big enough
To cover up your sole.

With Any Gift

A wee little gift I am sending today
Just to show my intentions are good.
I can’t send much, I’m sorry to say,
But I’d send you the world if I could.

For Mother

A gift for my mother
To whom all love is due,
May the world be glad this Christmas Day
And the gladdest in it, you.

Then here are some ideas and suggestions.  Press cellophane smooth and use instead of glass in picture frames for children’s rooms.

Make toys from oilcloth, binding edges together with bias tape and stuffed with scraps of material cut fine.

To about four cups of scraps cut fine, take one cup of flour and water enough to make a smooth paste.  Put scraps into vessel and mix in the paste and mix together well.  Use a knife to spread this mixture on jars, boxes, etc.  Set in sun to dry.  Then give a coat of shellac. –Lillian, Oklahoma.

I found an additional clipping for verses which was in response to the request for gift verses.

Dear Hope:  “Happy Go Lucky of Illinois” wanted verses for gifts.  I clipped these from this column many years ago.  Maybe they are what she wanted.  They were sent in under the pen name of Dorothy Dix.


I hope this piece
Of cambric sheer
Will ne’er be used
To wipe a tear.


Of course you know than an apron
Is often a friend indeed,
So I’m hoping that this one may help you
Sometime in an hour of need.

Any Small Gift

This gift is very tiny
But it is enough to hold
The many Christmas wishes
Held in every fold.


The cheery little blotters
Their very best will do
To beat the cheery wishes
That now are wished for you.

Hey, what is a blotter, you may ask?  Ink Blotters were  made from soft paper which was highly absorbent. When Mom bought tablets for writing paper, the first page of it usually had an ink blotter which was a soft kind of paper, highly absorbent.  If writing with a fountain pen that was rather drippy, you might use it to absorb little droplets from the pen.  You might also use the blotter to  “blot” the sheet you just wrote with the fountain pen so it wouldn’t smear.  Ours didn’t get used that much.  It felt something like thick construction paper.  In fine stationery stores you could buy fancier blotter cards which I’m sure is what this little verse is referring to.  

Any Gift

Maybe you’ll like it, and maybe you won’t,
I’ll tell you what you can do if you don’t.
Just wrap it up pretty and put it away
And give to somebody next Christmas Day.

Sleeve Protectors

This pair of sleeve protectors
Is just the thing for you
To keep your cuffs and sleeves from dirt
In car and cellar too.

With Gift Candles

The pioneers many a candle made
Of the old time tallow kind,
And still we like their soft dim light
For the sake of Auld Lang Syne.
May the light of Christmas fill your heart
With rays of Peace Divine
Bet wishes and just heaps of love
Go from my heart to thine.

With a Cake

Made of sugar and eggs and spice
And full of everything else that’s nice,
Sent at this season of snow and ice,
With Christmas cheer in every slice.

With a Nut Bread

If bread upon the waters cast
Some day return to you,
‘Twould run a bakery for ten years
Before you’d get what’s due.

With a Gift of Nuts

Affairs of state confront the great
With many a nutty problem.
But these nutty ones are easily creaked
And I hope that you’ll enjoy them.

With Stuffed Dates

There are dates that make us happy,
There are dates that make us blue,
There are dates that steal away the sunshine
From the days bright golden hue,
There are dates that have a joyful meaning
The heart of love alone can see,
But the dates of which I’m speaking
Are the dates to you from me.

With Home Made Pickles

Some folks are always in a pickle
No matter whatever they do,
But I wonder if you wouldn’t rather
Have the pickle in you.
If so, here’s some home-made pickles
To add to your Christmas cheer.
Good wishes glare go with them
And hopes for a bright New Year.

With a Glass of Jelly

Before the frost was on the pumpkin
Or the trees their leaves had shed
I made this glass of jelly
From apples bright and red.
Just eat it on your breakfast toast
When dawns the Christmas day.
Best wishes for your happiness
With peace and joy alway.

With a Dressed Chicken

We may talk of all good eatables
And name them one by one,
But what with chicken can compare
Beside the total sum?

And when you’ve polished drumsticks
And of white meat ate and ate,
There is still the bread and gravy
For cleaning up your plate.

With Any Gift

Best wishes for the Christmas day
And all the days to come;
May happiness be yours always
From dawn till set of sun.
In all my blessings I count o’er,
Wich number not a few,
I think the Giver of them all
For friends the like of you.
Sent in by Molly K. from Wisconsin

More Verses

Dear Hope:  I am sending a few verses to be used with gifts as my contribution to the Household as I enjoy the contributions from others very much.  I would like to hear from someone who has used sheet music.  I prefer religious songs but any would be all right.  Send a list of songs you have.  Now here are the verses.

With an Apron

A maid in an apron is always quite charming,
To a young man’s affections completely disarming,
You might don this one and invite “him” to tea ,
As for the result, well, we’ll all wait and see.

With a Handkerchief

I’m sure you’ll think old Santa Claus
Had really passed by you
If among your gifts you failed to find
A handkerchief or two.

With a Pair of Towels

A couple of towels for husband and wife<
Use each one separately, live without strife.
But if “He” never wishes to hear Wifey howl,
He’ll was on the wash cloth, and not on the towel.






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