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More Gift Verses

It’s amazing to me the sorts of things that could be gifts to your friends and neighbors that I wouldn’t even think of in this day and age. Of course these were written and contributed in the context of the time, probably the 1950’s and 1960’s.  Most of Hope Needham’s Homemaker column was targeted to the farm wife who did not have a job outside the home.  I think the term “Wifey” just wouldn’t fly today.  But, the verses are still fun and the suggestions were probably very appropriate to the homemaker in the day.


With Stuffed Dates

There are dates that make us happy,
There are dates that make us blue,
There are dates that steal away the sunshine
From the dates bright golden hue,
There are dates that have a joyful meaning
The heart of love alone can see,
But the dates of which I’m speaking
Are the dates to you from me.

With Home Made Pickles

Some folks are always in a pickle
No matter whatever they do,
But I wonder if you wouldn’t rather
Have the pickle in you.
If so, here’s some home made pickles
To add to your Christmas cheer.
Good wishes galore go with them
And hope for a bright New Year.

With a Glass of Jelly

Before the frost was on the pumpkin
Or the trees their leaves had shed
I made those glass of jelly
From apples bright and red.l
Just eat it on your breakfast toast
When dawns the Christmas day.
Best wishes for your happiness
With peace and joy alway.

With a Dressed Chicken

We may talk of all good eatables
And name them one by one,
But what with chicken can compare
Beside the total sum?

And when you’ve polished drumsticks
And of white meat ate and ate,
There is still the bread and gravy
For cleaning up your plate.

With Any Gift

Best wishes for the Christmas day
And all the days to come,
May happiness be your always
From dawn till set of sun.
In all my blessings I count o’er,
Which number not a few,
I thank the Giver of them all
For friends the like of you.

-Sent in by Molly K. from Wisconsin

More Verses

Dear Hope:  I am sending a few verses to be used with gifts as my contribution to the Household, as I enjoy the contributions from others very much.  I would like to hear from someone who has used sheet music.  I prefer religious songs but any would be all right.  send a list of songs you have.  Now here are the verses:

With an Apron

A maid in an apron is always quite charming
Ro a young man’s affections completely disarming.
You might don this one and invite “him” to tea,
As for the result, well, we’ll all wait and see.

With a Handkerchief

I’m sure you’d think old Santa Claus
Had really passed by you
If among your gifts you failed to find
A handkerchief or two.

With a Pair of Towels

A couple of towels for husband and wife,
Use each one separately, live without strife,
But if “He” never wishes to hear Wifey howl,
He’ll wash on the wash cloth and not on the towel.



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