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Broiled Fish

When I think of going fishing, I’m picturing a Sunday afternoon.  Dad, Mom and us kids loading up in the GMC pickup and going down to the 80 to fish in the creek.  We ambled through two different pastures of ours, as well as through two other pastures owned by two other owners.  Dad would stop at the gate, one of us kids would hop off the tail gate, open the gate, Dad drove through, then waited for the gate to be closed again and we moved on to the next one.  We fished with poles made from small diameter trees and wound the string on them, ending with the fish hook and maybe a bobber.  If we caught any fish, they were probably sunfish……not that I know my fish very well.  Later years, when I was a teenager, Mom used to like to fish down at the pond west of our house with the farm dogs tagging along for her relaxing outing.  I think Dad enjoyed those afternoons as much as anyone, although he did not eat fish at all.  Mom liked fish quite a bit so would often order a fish sandwich when we were on a shopping trip.  Dad would not have cleaned the fish….poor Mom, she always had to clean the fish and any other wild things my brothers brought home from a hunt.  Well, Mom did not filet out the fish.  They were mostly just gutted and scaled, and when it came to the bones, you were on your own so you better watch out for them!

Broiled Fish

When I broil fish fillets, I like to marinate the fish first for an hour or so in lemon juice and salad oil.  Use a few tablespoons of each, according to the amount of fish you are to use, and season with salt, paprike, celery salt or celery seed and just a mite of sugar.  Let the fish stand in this mixture for a least an hour, and then broil four or five inches from the heat for five to 10 minutes on each side.  Baste a few times with the sauce, and whatever is left, just serve with the fish.  It is really good this way.


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