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Cream Puffs

The first time I ate cream puff’s that Mom made I thought they were wonderful.  I was under the impression it was the first time she had made these; but maybe not depending on when she clipped this recipe.  Of course, I like pudding a lot, so eating it with the buttery puff around it was about as wonderful as you can get.  Making the puff is quite a fascinating process where the dough sort of seizes up into a ball.  I’ve had these with a whipped cream type of filling, but it’s not quite as wonderful as good old vanilla pudding.  I have made these with cheese in the dough and a filling of Sloppy Joe mix, but again, not as wonderful as the pudding.

This recipe doesn’t mention that you can put the puff dough in a sturdy plastic bag, cut the corner, and make long shapes to bake….fill with pudding and drizzle with melted chocolate but then we’d have to call them  Éclairs, wouldn’t we?  I don’t think that word was in my mother’s vocabulary.

Cream Puffs

Makes 24

1 cup boiling water
1/2 cup butter or margarine
1 cup all-purpose flour
4 eggs
Confectioner’s sugar

Melt butter or margarine in boiling water.  stir in flour until all flour leaves side of pan and forms a ball.  Remove from heat, cool, and beat in eggs one at a time.  Continue beating until mixture is smooth.l  Drop from spoon three to four inches apart.

Bake 15 minutes at 450 degrees.  Lower temperature to 350 degrees and bake 35 to 40 minutes longer.  Cut top in form of flap for filling.  The filling requires these ingredients:

1 pint milk
1/3 cup sugar
Pinch salt
1 Tablespoon flour
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla

Scald milk in top of double boiler.  Blend sugar, salt and flour and beat in.  Pour scalded milk over egg mixture, stirring constantly until smooth.  Return to top of double boiler.  Cook over low heat, while stirring constantly, until creamy.  Cool.  Add vanilla.  Pour into puffs, replace tops and dust with confectioner’s sugar.


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