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How to Frost a Wedding Cake

This is a pretty informational clipping and I think that I might have clipped it myself if I were Mom.  I like that the author tells you how to make Lily of the Valley on the cake using the decorating tube.  Mom had more than one of those and I have one of them.  It’s how I learned to decorate cakes, although my technique was only for writing the recipient’s name and occasion and then dotting the cake, cookie or whatever.  I’ve still got the thing, but I actually prefer a bag now. I wondered where Mom got hers, but I’ll bet they were probably available at the dime store or the hardware store.  Looking it up under vintage and antique websites, I found one for sale that had the price written on it….39¢!

Traditional cake toppers have been the bride and groom figures which may or may not be hideous.  In the mid-60’s, cutting edge people used the religious marriage symbol instead.  I’m cutting edge… we used a chrome cross with intertwined rings as our cake topper.  Just as described, we also saved the top layer and froze it for our first anniversary.  I only knew to do that because that’s what my husband’s sister did the year prior to our wedding.  Just about any wedding I attended, there was concern on how you are supposed to cut the thing to serve at the reception. After all, usually a couple of friends/acquaintenances will be honored to cut the cake, but who actually tells them what to do.  The instructions here are practical and make sense.  

How to Frost a Wedding Cake

Make creamy butter frosting (make three times the following recipe for a three-tier cake)

To 1/2 cup creamed butter add 2 unbeaten egg white, 1 pound or about 3 1/2 cups confectioner’s sugar, a few grains of salt, 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla.  If used for decorating, add enough more confectioners sugar so it will hold shape when forced through decorating tube. Also, a good thing to know is that when it is increased three times for the three-tiered cake, adding 2 tablespoons of glycerine will keep the frosting white and give it a lovely sheen.

To frost: Place largest cake on large plate or platter.  Frost top and sides.  Place second tier on this, frost, then set on the top tier and frost.  On top tier any desired wedding cake decoration may be placed; these may be purchased from a caterer, department store or baker’s supply house.

To decorate:  Now is when you add more sugar to make it stiff enough.  Put frosting in decorating tube.  Decorate with lily of the valley and border designs.  To make the lily of the valley, draw the tube along keeping a steady pressure on the frosting.  If you let up, the even line will be broken and unattractive.  For the blossoms, press small blobs of frosting at natural looking intervals along the stems, then pierce each blossom with the tip of the tube to produce the bell-like effect which is characteristic of the Lily of the Valley flower.

Correct Way to Cut Three-Tier Cake

1.  Cut vertically through the large bottom layer at the edge of the second layer.  Cut out wedge-shaped pieces.

2.  When these pieces have been served, follow same procedure with the middle layer.  Cut through this second layer
vertically at the edge of the top layer.  Then cut out wedge-shaped pieces.

3.  When the pieces from the second layer have been served, return to the bottom layer and cut along edge made by removal of step No. 2.  Cut more wedge-shaped pieces.

4.  Now three small layers remain.  If necessary steps 1, 2 and 3 may be repeated, otherwise bride may desire some to be wrapped and sent to friends.  It may be re-frosted for this, if desired. — Mrs. P.D.P., Kansas

(Note by Hope:  In some communities it is traditional to lift off the small top tier, fully frosted, wrap it and store in the freezer to be served at the first meal after the honeymoon, or at the first anniversary, or some special occasion.)


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