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Pickle Lore

Here is another clipping about making pickles that was from the Drover’s Telegram.  Sounds like a lot of pickles for one household to consume, but I remember my mother-in-law’s habit of putting lots of jars of condiments and likely pickles on the table each time she presented a meal.  Making really good pickles was something you took pride in if they turned out, especially after dedicating two-weeks of your life to making them.

Pickle Lore

Dear Hope: I read about the girl who is having a time making cucumber pickles.  I had a time learning to make them, too; I found out that I was using home-made vinegar, which was too strong, so that the pickles shriveled. Also, all such pickles made by the long method must be cut somewhere; the big ones in chunks, the medium ones lengthwise and the wee ones cut down about one-fourth to one-half inch cross-wise at the stem end.  Then, regular pickling slat, not table salt must be used.

Here is about the best all-around pickle recipe I have, and it is found in many books:

Place in a stone jar two gallons of cucumbers, large or small, or mixed.  Make a brine of two cups of salt and one gallon of water, and pour this brine boiling hot over the cucumbers; let stand one week.

At the end of the week, drain the cucumbers; cut them in chunks or cut the little ones as needed.  Make a solution of one gallon of boiling water  and one tablespoon of powdered alum; pour boiling mixture over the cucumbers.

Make this solution __________ and fresh three mornings ____________on, in all, and pour boiling ______________(over) the drained cucumbers.

On the fourth morning, drain the cucumbers again and make a solution of 6 cups of vinegar, 5 cups sugar, 1/3 cup of pickling spices, 1 tablespoon celery seed, and pour boiling hot over the pickles.

On the sixth morning, drain the liquid again, put on the stove, add one cup of sugar, and again pour boiling hot over the pickles.  they are now ready to seal.

This is a fine recipe, using all together, different sizes of cucumbers.

Now my very favorite pickles are the Crystals, but they are so rich for just every day use.l  I suppose every year there ia new cook, or someone who has mislaid this classic.

Put 25 cucumbers, dill size, into a jar.  Cover with one gallon of cold water and one quart of salt.  Soak two weeks.  Thy this time they will look like garbage, cut do not worry, they will come back, green and clear.  And that is not a misprint, one quart of salt is right, though it sounds tremendous.

After tow weeks, wash the cucumbers, cut in chucks and put back into ______and two tablespoons alum to one _________ of cold water.  Pour over cucumbers.  Let stand 224 hours.  Again, drain and wash cucumbers.

Now take one quart vinegar, two quarts sugar, and spices as follows:

One teaspoon mace
Two sticks cinnamon
1 tablespoon whole cloves

Boil this and pour over cucumbers.l  drain and boil this solution and pour boiling hot over the cucumbers for four successive days.l  On the fourth morning they are ready to seal.  They are not really quite cured now, but as weeks bo gy, they get better and prettier.  The huge amounts of salt and sugar give some kind of an elusive flavor, and they are truly crystal.  The boiling water does Something.


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