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Ice Cream Cake

Ice Cream packaging has changed over the years.  This recipe talks about using one of those little pint square, cardboard covered, packages.  Today most ice cream is packaged in some kind of tub, usually round(ish) in shape.  To create this ice cream cake you are supposed to be working with a square or rectangular shape, just as the bar of angel food cake.  The ice cream I buy is actually called Kroger Frozen Dairy Dessert in the size we always assumed was the half gallon size.  Alas!  it is only 1.75 qt of liquid.  Even so, one could easily cut this packaged ice cream in the shapes needed to make this dessert.  It might not be quite as easy working with one of those tubs…..tearing apart the container and squaring it up.  Whatever are you going to do with all those odd shapes of ice cream you had to cut off?????? Ha! Ha! Ha!

1. Buy square-cornered packages of ice cream.  Two pints, each of a different color are ample for a 12-inch bar of angel cake.  freeze hard, then cut each pint into three slices.

2. Split the angel cake into three length-wise slices.  Starting with a slice of cake, build the angel loaf with alternate slices of the colored ice cream and the cake.

3.  Wrap the loaf in foil or plastic bag, and store in freezer set at very cold.  If you have a freezer, the loaf can be put together several days in advance.

4.  About an hour before serving, frost the frozen loaf with sweetened whipped cream; return to freezer to hold.  For east of serving, plan to take cake out before the whipped cream is frozen solidly.


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