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May’s Three-Day Buns

Here’s a clipping from Hope Needham’s column.  Good old-fashioned ingredients.  Do a little each day and at the end something delightful!  I must say the measurements are rather vague.

 Fresh yeast might be even more hard to find today at the grocery store.  An on-line search indicates it is not dry and if you buy it and keep it for six months it is not what she is talking about. So, you’re looking for fresh or compressed yeast, not dry; besides, I don’t think the dry stuff would last through three days. It’s way too active. This is what “Loves to Cook” indicates you can get from professional bakers and pizza places. You might find it in cube form in the dairy section.

May’s Three-Day Buns

Dear Hope: Stir a yeast cake (you can get a lot of fresh yeast very cheaply from the bake shop–wrap it in foil and keep in refrigerator) into a half a cup of warm water.  Add a spoonful of sugar.  Do this in the evening, and in the morning add enough flour to make a soft batter or dough.  Let rise all day in a cool place adding 1/4 cup sugar or more, 2 cups cold water and 1/2 cup lard.  In the evening after supper, add a little salt and flour enough to make a stiff dough.  Knead well, let rise an hour, then make into buns set well apart in pan.  Butter tops well.  Let rise all night and bake first thing in the morning about half an hour in a 375 degree oven.l  These are so nice for breakfast, to serve at club, etc.  Don’t cover at night, but remember to butter well.  They are so light they will fall if jarred.l — Loves to Cook, Iowa.

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