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Mrs. Schommer’s Ice Cream

This ice cream is made using the method I remember Mom using.  I barely remember the time before we got electricity on the farm, but we had an ice box.  Usually we got ice at the “Ice House” in Frankfort.  When I was a teenager the “Ice House” had become a beer joint, and my boyfriend “Alvin” hung out there regularly as did most of the young men in town.  But, I digress…….

Our first electric refrigerator was a “Frigidaire” with a single door.  It had a freezer compartment with a drop-down door and a shelf across about four inches down.  This is where you put the ice-cube trays.  The fridge came with two narrow trays, 2 cubes wide and one wide tray, 4 cubes wide.  Mom used the wide one to make ice cream.  She didn’t use a cooked or custard base for the ice cream, rather the kind that is just mixed up.  Generally the ice cream turned out pretty hard and had ice crystals in it, not at all like ice cream from the store.  You would be served a chunk of ice cream rather than a scoop!

Mrs. Schommer’s Ice Cream

Mix together:
2 tablespoons flour
3/4 cup sugar
pinch salt
2 cups milk

Cook this mixture until it just starts to boil.  Then put in refrigerator and chill thoroughly.  When it is completely cold, add:

2 cups whipped cream
2-4 eggs
1/4 cup chocolate syrup or
1 teaspoon of vanilla, whichever flavor is desired

Beat thoroughly.  Then put in shallow pan and put in deep freeze or freezer compartment of refrigerator.  Let the ice cream remain until it starts getting firm, usually a little over an hour.  Then take it out and b eat thoroughly.  Put in shallow pan and freeze.


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