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Christmas Cookies

I imagine that Mom was always on the look-out for a good rolled cookie dough for cut-out cookies.  I always liked the cutters she had that were aluminum, had crinkly edges and a green wooden knob on top.  Because of the crinkly edges, they didn’t stick much; they had a vent hole on top that could be handy in case the dough was too sticky.  I’m sure Mom was intrigued by Tupperware cookie cutters when they came out, but that was a whole other genre because they were plastic, had clean (not crinkly) edges, and designs on them that were supposed to leave an indent in the cookie.  We had a gingerbread man and a turkey, but to tell the truth, I always ended up going back to the aluminum ones.  OK, so the aluminum gingerbread man was kinda funky with that pointy shaped head, but who is perfect?

In transcribing these recipes I notice that people try to relate directions similar to the way they would talk.  Some recipes have probably been set up conversationally because they have to appear in a narrow column of the Drover’s Telegram.  This one came from a newspaper, but doesn’t look like it had that problem.  Notice how this one can’t help but include directions in the ingredient section.  

Christmas Cookies

Into a bowl put:
3 cups sifted flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 scant teaspoon soda

Cut into this:
1 cup shortening, butter or margarine

In another bowl:
Beat 2 eggs thoroughly

Add 1 cup sugar
4 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

Beat well and pour into dry ingredients.  Chill in refrigerator an hour or two, or longer.  Roll, cut and bake in 375 degree oven until light tan color


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  1. Sounds yummy. I love the design cookie cutters and look forward to baking cookies and cupcakes with my baby when she gets older.


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