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Brot Torten

Here are two recipes for a Brot Torte.  The word “torte” translates in Google to either cake or pie.  Research informed me that the word “torte” comes from the Italian word “torta,” which means a round bread or cake. In Europe, most cakes are called tortes, however, a French torte may be called a “Gateau”. A torte can have layers, but might not. Cakes also can have layers, but angel food cake and bundt cake do not have layers.  A torte can have a sweet icing like a cake, but if you are making a French torte it might not have any icing at all.

When comparing tortes and cakes, a cake is lighter than the torte. Cakes are probably made with cake flour which makes them very light because of the gluten content of cake flour. In order to make a more dense cake or torte, some of the flour has to be substituted with something heavier than the flour. Often, the substitute is almond meal or some other nut meal, but sometimes breadcrumbs are used. Nut meal adds density because it is heavier than the flour and it adds oil to the batter as it cooks. Nut meal also adds flavor to the torte.

These recipes add breadcrumbs to the batter.  The #1 recipe doesn’t list sugar as an ingredient but directions mention sugar. I decided that the chocolate must be a sweet chocolate used instead of sugar.  Since no flour is listed, I decided that the sweet almonds was actually almond meal.  I bought some at Trader Joe’s once but never really found a use for it.  The directions indicate the sugar and egg yolks should be stirred for 1 St. or 1 hour……that’s a long time, even if you’re only stirring by hand and not beating with an electric mixer.

Mom made some really dense breads one year so maybe this is what she was aiming for.  They almost had the consistency of a fruit cake, especially if she added raisins, dates or citron.  I must say they made some nice clean slices.


Brot-Torte Nr. 1

8 Eigelb, 4 Eier, 100 gr. geriebene Schokolade, ½ süße Mandeln, 100 gr. geriebenes Schwarzbrot 20 gr. Zitronat, 8 gr. Zimmt, Stange Vanille 10 gr. Nelken, ¼ abgeriebene Zitronenschale, 2 Eßl. Rum, 2 Eßl Backpulver, Eigelb u Zucker werden 1 St. gerührt, nach u nach die Mandeln, Schwarzbrot, Rum, Gewürze, Backpulver u zuletzt den Eischnee dazugegeben, 1 ½ St. backen.

Google Translate:
Bread Cake # 1

8 egg yolks, 4 eggs, 100 gr grated chocolate, ½ sweet almonds, 100 gr grated rye bread 20 g candied lemon peel, 8 gr cinnamon, vanilla stick 10 gr cloves, ¼ lemon zest, 2 tablespoons rum, 2 tbsp baking powder , yolk u sugar are stirred for 1 St., according to the u almonds, brown bread, rum, spices, baking soda u recently added the beaten egg whites, 1 ½ hours baking.

My Interpretation:
Bread Torte #1
8 egg yolks
4 whole eggs
100 gr sweet chocolate, grated
50 gr almond meal
100 gr grated rye bread
20 g candied lemon peel
8 gr cinnamon
vanilla stick
10 gr cloves
¼ lemon zest (grated lemon peel)
2 tablespoons rum
2 Tablespoons baking powder

Separate eggs and whip the whites until stiff. Combine chocolate (instead of sugar?) and yolks and beat until quite creamy. for 1 hour. Then add almond meal, brown bread crumbs, rum, and spices. Fold in egg whites. Bake for 1 ½ hours.


Brot-Torte Nr.2

Man rührt 100 gr. Zucker zu Sahne, gibt nach u nach drei ganze Eier, ½ kg braunen Zucker, ½ kg geriebenen Zwieback u 1 l Milch hinzu. Dann mischt man 500 gr Mehl, 2 Pakete Backpulver u 2 Messerspitzen Zimmt durch den Teig u läßt ihn ½ St. stehen, der Zwieback weichen kann, füllt ihn in die Tortenform u backt ihn 1 St. Man überzieht ihn mit weißem Zuckerguß

Google Translate:
Bread Cake No.2

Stirring 100 g sugar to cream are added to u after three whole eggs, ½ kg of brown sugar, ½ kg grated biscuit u 1 liter of milk. Then you mix 500 g flour, 2 packages yeast u 2 pinches cinnamon through the dough u let him stand ½ St., the biscuits can differ, it fills u in the cake pan bakes him 1 St. He covers with white icing

My Interpretation:
Bread Torte No. 2
Stir 100 g. sugar into three whole eggs and beat until creamy.  Add ½ kg of brown sugar, ½ kg bread crumbs and 1 liter of milk.  Then mix in 500 g. flour, 2 packages yeast and 2 pinches cinnamon.  Let the dough rest ½ hour or pour it in a cake pan.  Bake 1 hour.  Cover with white icing.


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  1. Recipe #1 actually calls for ½lb of [ground] almonds, which would be 250g, not 50g.


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