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My Mama – Freda Suther

This picture of Mama was probably taken in 1979 and this is how I remember her most.  I was the last of her seven children, the next oldest to me was four years older.  So, she had a lot more time for me.  Mom didn’t drive, so most of the time she had to rely on Dad or someone else to take her to town to get groceries or go shopping.  During my junior and senior years of high school we became great shopping buddies because I was now the driver, and I love to shop.  We had great times shopping together and going for ice cream on the way home.  This picture reminds me of those times together, glancing over to her as we talked.

From time to time I’ll add more tidbits about my Mom.  I hope you enjoy getting to know her!

I'm guessing this picture was taken sometime in 1928, the year before she moved to America.


Isn’t she pretty?  She was the first born of nine children.  Her parents were August and Maria (Lameyer) Tegeler.  Her dad operated a plumbing type of business in Bakum, Germany. Her birth date was August 31, 1906.  After she finished school, she worked in Holland for a doctor’s family as a nanny/housekeeper.  Her name was actually Frieda Ann, but it was common for immigrants to “Americanize” their given names, so on legal papers her name was always “Freda”.  Easier to spell and explain to people, I guess.


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  1. My Name is spelled FREDA also with no I in it, But I also have a SISTER, whom is named FRIEDA, and Her’s was Spelled with the I in hers. . . As My Grandmother was FREDERICA, but Called FREDA. She was Migrated here, From Germany.


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