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Health Hints

When I was just a kid, Mom’s reading and utilizing home remedies for ailments seemed like “quackery” to me.  It’s amazing how my perspective changed now that I am “that age” myself.  I find myself attracted to natural ways to overcome flaws in my body or in my general health.  Now I completely understand Mom clipping something like this and wanting to save it.  I find Rose of Missouri’s cure for insomnia pretty incredible.  I can’t imagine that Mom actually ever used this remedy, unless of course, she was mad at Dad or us kids and wanted us to stay away!

Sends Helpful Hints

Dear Hope and Friends:  Howdy to all the friendly folks.  I like the Household just as it is–it’s very seldom I don’t find something to clip and save.

To those who ask for relief from gall bladder trouble, try filling a tall glass one-third full of pure unsweetened purple grape juice, then fill the glass up with sweet milk, and drink this about an hour before breakfast.  No sugar!  This has helped many, and if it doesn’t help, it sure won’t hurt, so it’s worth a try.

For those that have trouble sleeping:  In the morning slices or shave onions real thin, and in a pint jar put a layer of onion and a layer of sugar until jar is full, with sugar on top.  Put lid on and leave at room temperature till bedtime.  Use plenty of sugar to make a good syrup and you won’t mind the taste.  Take four good bites of onion and four or five good swallows of the syrup, than a good drink of water, and go to bed.l  You’ll get a good night’s sleep.  I’ve used this for years and it never fails.

A tall glass of unsweetened grapefruit juice daily will relieve sinus trouble and in many cases effect a real cure if kept up.  Drink it 45 minutes or an hour before breakfast.

Honey is one of the best remedies for colitis, also helps indigestion.  Just eat it by the spoonfuls or any other way.

Try the unsweetened grapefruit juice over a long enough period of time to make sure whether it would not help.  Vitamin C combats infection, and the unsweetened juice contains many other valuable minerals and vitamins.l  Be sure to keep covered tightly in refrigerator. –Rose of Missouri


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